Best Sex Swings that’ll leave you hanging on the edge in 2019

As much as we all love sex, it can become a bit boring and repetitive. Switching up positions, best sex swings and partners (well, right) can help. Experiencing new things is a great thing when it comes to sex. How are you going to know what you like if you don’t try everything?

Sex swings have been a secret pleasure of many, and they gained in popularity during 2018, so it can realistically be expected to see them grow even more in 2019. Many people find them „controversial“ since they remind everyone of some kinky stuff, BDSM and so on.

Let’s just get this controversy out of the way. You can still have that casual, sensual, baby-making sex with this swing. No leather, screaming and weird-looking masks. Breathe a breath of relief.

If you’re looking into buying one, but you have no idea where to start and what to expect, we are going to cover all and everything about them today, and we’ll even give you some examples of good swings.

Let’s get right into the basics. You’ll soon become curious enough, believe us.

What are the best sex swings?

Maybe you have seen those yoga swings or gymnastic swings… This is something similar, just a different kind of sport. You can still be the winner, though.

Sex swings are usually made from textile, and they are just a device that helps one or more people during sex or masturbation. Yes, you heard us right. If you’re into that acrobatic sex: 2 in 1 calorie burning exercise, you can also masturbate on these.

Sex swings are like a „playground“ of fabrics that support one or more people and they will make sex more comfortable. You’ll access intimate areas of your partner easier and penetration is much better.

Spare your man the back pain he has and buys a swing. He’ll be thankful and you’ll be grateful as well when you notice that he can work it longer than before!

Maybe you have seen some cool sex positions that caught your attention and you were like, I gotta try this, but then you remembered that the last time you stretched was in the senior year during PE and your muscles would be sore in approximately two minutes.

If you have the balls to ask a nurse about how many people with pulled muscles come to the ER each night… You’ll see that you’re not the only person who can’t touch their toes.

Also, best sex swings are a world-spinning (see what we did there?), revolutionary find for those who have disabilities, joint issues, hip issues, a knee issue, muscle issues, arthritis… For God’s sake, everyone likes sex!

Never let a disease prevent you from having sex. If you want to get real dark, some people would never be able to have children without these things. Be grateful for the genius that came up with the concept!

It’s usual to put only one person on the hammock and many cannot support more than one, but if you want, you can look for a heavy-duty one.

What will support my body and what types of swings are there?

Hammocks, platforms, straps, and stirrups are some components of a swing that will help you feel safe. There is a lot of textile, variants, and loops for the arms and the back. Some even have little cushions. Isn’t that kind of cute?

Traditional swings are a hammock or a platform that’s suspended from a three or a four-point stand. This is something many people like to go for. Platform swings will be perfect for those who are a bit lazy and want to make their partner work a bit. Women, this is the perfect „make-up sex“ toy. Make him do all the work.

Door swings are a bit cheaper and they are a good choice for those who want to be able to remove the swing at all times. You know, not all of us have a Christian Gray type of „red room“ and we can’t show our aunts that we are having wild sex when they aren’t here.

Door swings are also the cheapest option, just straps and look with two bars that go over closed doors. You can put them up and remove them fast (in cases of emergency), but you won’t get that gymnast feel.

Body swings are the third option and they are good for those who really want that extra-intimate, sensual and passionate sex. The harness fits around one person and the other parts (straps, loops…) fit around the second person.

These are also pretty similar to door ones when it comes to pros and cons, but we’ll have to mention that the „holding“ person needs to do a bit of gym work or a regular warmup since they need to be in shape.

Fantasy swings are the last type we’ll mention, but they are also one of the most popular ones. These are attached to ceilings or swing stands and they can have additional parts like hammocks and loops.

These will obviously make it a bit more evident that you’re swingin’ it since you can’t remove them all too quickly. Also, makes a weird conversation if you’re trying to sell an apartment. That can go either really good (like foursome good) or really bad.

What are top sex swings made from and how do you montage them?

Believe us, we don’t like the science part of sex either, but some things need to be cleared out before you apply your knowledge.

The swings can be made from leather, nylon, wood, metal, polyester, foam, neoprene (for padding) and so on. Various materials are included because the swing needs to be strong (who knows how rough things can get) and comfortable at the same time.

If you have any specific allergies, this may be the right time to check out the list of materials used. You don’t want your private parts anywhere near those. Keep in mind that some elements are porous which makes them incredibly hard to clean and therefore you may encounter a few issues with them.

The stands are sold separately, which means that you need to check them out too. If you’re buying a door or a ceiling (or a person) swing, you won’t need a stand, but most of the „hardcore“ ones require a stand.

If you can, you should look into possible discounts. Swings are actually cheaper than the stands: swings being about $100 and the stands costing up to $200.

Those of you who have friends that are handy with sturdy materials and can create you one for fewer bucks can actually save cash, but only if you don’t mind getting some dirty looks every now and then. Maybe the friend will want to join?

What should I watch out for?

There are certain things that people tend to overlook at the moment because they „just want a sex swing“, but it isn’t all that simple.

Weight restrictions are something that can bother you. The average maximum weight a swing can take is 136 kilos.

You also don’t want to get something that’s uncomfortable. That’s obviously quite a dealbreaker. We always advocate safety first. There is no sex good enough that will cover a bad injury, you know?

We’re also sharing a dark secret with you, don’t tell anyone: many sellers overprice their items significantly. Let’s be honest, a sex swing is a bit of fabric and a bit of wood or metal, it shouldn’t cost $150. Always check out similar products to find out if there is a cheaper one. Just search similar keywords on Amazon and you’re good. Nothing gets us hornier than saving money.

How to clean sex swings?

This is a really tricky question that many people ask themselves. Most of the swings will have the fabric part detachable so you can remove and wash them. If the product you’re checking out doesn’t have that option, skip it.

Door swings are practical when it comes to that because you can take the whole thing down and you’re good to go.

You should hand-wash the material with a mild soap or a mild shampoo for intimate areas. You don’t want the fabric to irritate you. We have heard horror stories about people washing the swing fabric with bleach and then getting swollen genitals. That doesn’t sound too appealing to us… Unless you’re into that kind of stuff?

If you’re bold enough, you can take the material to a professional and give them strict directions. Again, you may just gain a partner in your little swingin’ action.



  1. Utimi Sex Swing Hanging On Door

This is a classic example of a door swing. It’s a great quality you are getting for the price since the superior knitted nylon makes a strong, safe, non-toxic straps. The material is thick and sturdy to keep your partner safe.

This swing can take a lot of weight, up to 180 kilos, and it’s an excellent choice for those who are into new poses. This is one of the favorite tools for those who like oral sex because this swing makes it easy to reach the sweet spots, but your partner won’t „float away“ because the doors are supporting them.

There is a strap for the body and two for the legs, which makes it comfortable and you’re not just hanging without support: your booty is on a huge strap.

Your partner is pretty short or very tall? No worries, the height is adjustable. The cylindrical design that goes over the door won’t mess with the door itself or scratch them in any way, but you may if you bang too hard. Keep that in mind!

The shipping is discrete, as said by the seller, which makes it a lot easier for you since you won’t get those weird looks from your neighbors.

People in the reviews advise you to put some long screws in the hinges to prevent any damage and some claim that wrist restraints create a great combo with this swing.


  1. Sexbaby Adult Sex Swing Bondage with Steel Triangle Frame

This is a ceiling swing, actually a whole set including the triangle frame, the swing belts, and the ceiling anchors. It is advised to put the swing on a concrete ceiling, because others couldn’t take the banging, literally.

The swing is made from the same material used in parachutes. This means that it won’t break and that you’re getting a soft, ergonomic swing that will last a whole lot of orgasms.

Again, for those of weird height or those who enjoy weird positions, the swing can be adjusted. You can enjoy all of the fantasies you had! One benefit to this one (when compared to a door swing) is the fact that there are no banging sounds (at least not the door sounds) and your partner can actually be moved back and forth for easier penetration.

Many people are wondering how you can attach the swing to the ceiling, and the answer is that you need a cross beam to anchor a base ring. Others like to put it on a pull-up bar, which makes it easy to remove.

If you’re into a bit of math, this swing can spin 360 degrees. Even if you’re not into math, we think you’ve calculated the percentage of pleasure that can be obtained. It’s 100%.

The weight limit is 225 kilos, which is a marvelous number.


  1. BELSIANG Couples Sex Swing Swinging

This is something you may not have seen before. It’s a sex swing that attaches to the couple. Once again, high-quality nylon is used in order to create a comfortable feeling for both you and your significant other.

This is a pollution-free product which means that you’re saving the world while having sex! Isn’t that everyone’s dream? It’s a lightweight, convenient way to spice up your sex life and you can remove it at any time.

The box is sealed, so all of you germaphobes know that! With the swing, you also get a dice with sex positions so you don’t have to think too hard and you can get hard. Keep in mind that your partner needs to be a bit stronger.

If you want to get all intimate and you to want to switch up the pace, this is probably the swing you should go for. It provides a really private feeling and you can easily remove it if any „unexpected“ guests knock on the door.


  1. Romi 360 Degree Sling Extreme Easy Access

This is one of those products that can be used in more ways than one. It’s, again, a nylon swing that is made from „parachute material“ (feeling of floating in the sky included) and it has great strength.

This one can be held by a man or can be fixed on the ceiling. The triangle swing frame is not included, though, so you’ll have to check that out yourself. However, you can also fix the swing with a hook under a beam. Believe us, horny people are really creative people.

The ergonomic design is very comfortable and the colorful touch will get you all wild (because it’s animal prints, get it?).

The seller promises discreet packaging, so your neighbors don’t decide to embark in a foursome… Unless that’s what floats your boat?

People do say that the seating is a bit narrow, but it depends on your weight.


  1. Deluxe Aerial Hammock Door Swing with a Seat Inversion Sling

Lastly, we’ll talk about a great sex swing that can take up to 300 kilos! If you’ve got two people that would want to hop on, live your fantasy. It might get a bit tricky, though.

The seat design on this one makes it easy to reach all the special spot and make your partner orgasm. Getting all scientific, it’s a nylon swing: very durable and strong.

The straps are extra wide and extra fluffy so you don’t get any „marks“ on your skin. However, using some other things while playing with this may cause in marks.

It is a fully adjustable swing that can be put on the door. We’d also advise you to lock the doors. Your partner can put their hands through the upper loops and the legs through the lower loops. It’s a great choice for anyone!

Men like to use it as well since the weight limit is up there.


Is there really anything to say? We gave you the science part, our favorites and a few pieces of advice. In the end, one thing that we always mention is that you should always stay safe. Be cautious and always ask your partner if the new toy is feeling okay for them.

Some swings may be uncomfortable for some people, some cannot get used to them… It just depends on the person. Give it a try, but don’t force anything. There are many more toys to play with. Stay bangin’!