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We all do it, and we like it – flirting and dating. Flirting is an art of seduction, so it is all the more important to master it nowadays. A flirt is an erotically connotated approach between people. During this time, a non-binding, superficial contact is established between two people. A flirt can arise through simple eye contact, but also through an action such as opening a door or buying a drink. The fundamental basis of a flirt is the play with erotic or also sexual tension. Some people can do it quickly, others have to learn it first – but you shouldn’t be ashamed of that.

There is much more to a flirt than just a conversation. There are many factors like the self-confidence, the appearance and also the art of attracting attention to oneself. Especially shy people often have problems with it, either the experience or the exercise in flirting is missing. With simple flirting tips, even reticent people can achieve good results when flirting. Whether men or women, everyone can flirt – you have to know how.

We at SenSEXion.com have made it our business to help men and women find a suitable partner. Flirting is easy, with our tried and tested flirting tips, even shy people can jump over their shadows and gain self-confidence.

Online Dating Tips: Impressive Chatting

image-2Nowadays, online dating is a great way to get to know people. Here for there are countless agencies for singles and platforms that offer this service. However, it is not uncommon for social media portals like Facebook and Instagram. People are writing to each other and dating for a first date. Especially for shy people these dating services or social media portals are an excellent way to find a partner. However, you can also do a lot wrong here, so you shouldn’t just flirt on it. It starts already with the selection of the username. The first serious mistake can happen to many.

Also, the first message is decisive. Therefore one should consider oneself well how one begins the flirt or even chat. Also, a first meeting should also be sought as soon as possible, as over time many people lose their desire to get to know each other. One of the essential factors is honesty because even if the flock doesn’t sit opposite of you at that moment – at some point, it comes to the first meeting, then the lies could quickly go wrong. A well visible profile picture is the be-all and end-all of online dating because this is the first thing that is evaluated and selected.

We explain the secrets and tips of online dating in more detail. Here are tips and templates for the first username, for the first message and also advice for the first date. For shy people, there are also our extra message tips which are perfect for WhatsApp. We have also taken a closer look at the individual matchmaking for singles and dating platforms and would like to introduce our favorites to you.

Dating Tips: How to Successfully Date

datingThe first date is imminent and so many questions arise. What can you do, which places are best suited or what are the best topics of conversation? It is often particularly difficult for shy people. But one should keep a clear head because there is nothing terrible. Excitement and insecurity before a date is something completely normal. Many people share the same feeling. Things don’t always have to be perfect, so you shouldn’t stress unnecessarily. A self-confident appearance is not only well received, but it also reflects in its attractiveness. So relax, look forward to the date, and everything else comes by itself.

The place and also the venture can be planned, but not the topics of conversation. Here you shouldn’t convulse yourself, because a healthy discussion is the be-all and end-all of any date. Listen and try to take part in the conversation. On the first date, you should talk about topics that suit you and are also fun. This is reflected positively in the discussion. Funny and exciting questions are never wrong. But it is different with things that oppress you. Many are dissatisfied with their job – if this is the case, leave such topics and concentrate instead on your hobbies. Meaning, be positive about yourself and the life you are living!

Flirting Tips for Shy Men

online datesWomen want to be conquered. Hardly any woman is easy to seduce or to have. Most women play according to the “Hard to Get” principle. They do not want to give the supposed impression of being cheap and, despite their interest, usually block it. So it is all the more important for a man to master the art of flirting. Sincere interest and an honest manner are not enough in most cases, unfortunately, but the woman would like to see that the man strives. It is also essential to arouse the interest of the woman. An interested woman is the first step to success. Besides, self-confidence is one of the important factors. Women like self-confident men with strong characters. Listening is the next point.

A woman wants you to listen to her and take part in the conversation. A healthy and exciting conversation is the basis for every flirt. Among the absolute no-go’s is arrogance and early action, a flirt takes time. Sometimes simple looks can lead to a flirt. The following smile is already half the battle. The macho attitude, which is most successful in movies, is not so successful in real life. Many women prefer gentlemen who are courteous and intelligent. Meaning, they prefer men who know how to express their feelings. Don’t be shy to show and say what you’re feeling. Also, genuine compliments are also an important point to convey a feeling of interest – but one should not exaggerate here. Also, good knowledge of human nature is essential to be able to assess the opposite better during the flirtation. Here, you can also take a look at the clear women’s flirt signals as a clue.

Flirting Tips for Shy women

onlinedatingFor the ladies among us it looks entirely different, mostly it is not so difficult for them because the flirtation starts on the part of the man. But if nothing comes from the man, the woman has to give the starting shot. Here are some little tips to show the man the interest and give him the courage to start flirting or even to start a conversation. Deep glances into the eyes or stroking the hair can give the man the feeling of interest. What is unimaginable for many women, however, is not so bad in the end – even the woman can start the conversation or compliment the man. Men also like honest compliments. That’s why, dear women, don’t save it – just say it.

The male flirt signals are more obvious than the female, which makes it a little easier for women. During the flirting, counter-questions are not wrong. Also, the man has something exciting to tell about himself. You shouldn’t make it too easy for men either. Most men like conquering and lose interest here at the latest. However, one should not exaggerate here either. Otherwise, this could convey an alleged lack of interest in this. With tried and tested flirt tips, shy women can also use the flirt basics.

Relationship Tips for Men and Women

In addition to our flirting tips, you will also find relationship tips for men and women. Many people ask themselves countless questions on this topic, and we try to answer and explain them in the best possible way in our guide. Here are also topics about “What to do when separated” and “What to do after separation”. We give you tips on how you can clarify and solve any problems in your relationship. We will also discuss the topic “Pain of broken relationship” in more detail and how to deal with it. You want your ex back? Also here you can find the suitable articles. Besides, we also take a closer look at jealousy, how to get a grip on it and why this can have extreme consequences for the relationship. Mistakes such as cheating or flinging are also addressed.

The Best Pick-up Lines and Flirtations

Plump and cheap pick-up lines are an absolute no-go when flirting, so we’ve picked out and put together a few matching and original pick-up and flirtations for you. It doesn’t always have to be something extraordinary. Sometimes honest compliments are the way to success and the best way to start flirting. With a mixture of funny, romantic and also cool flirtations, the suitable saying is guaranteed for everyone with it. We’ve also selected romantic and favorite movie quotes, including the Barney Stinson flirtations from the popular series „How I Met Your Mother.“ We also created flirtations, which you can use for online chatting or as a greeting card.

Funny Flirtation Examples:

Will you give me your e-mail address, so I can send you my job application?

You look just like my new girlfriend. I need to meet her.

A cool flirty saying is never wrong, but this depends on the person and the situation. If she or he is a somewhat loose type, a crazy and funny flirt saying can be precisely the right one. Romantic people love honest compliments. A pick-up line might not be quite as suitable here. If the flirt partner is a crazy and relaxed person, the flirt talk can also be crazy and unusual.

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