Top 5 Best Water – Based Lubricants for Sex

Water-based Lube or Lubricant may seem like a really simple thing. You just put something down there to make the job easier, and you’re good to go… In reality, it isn’t really like that. Yes, you can buy water lube just by ordering the first thing that pops up on Amazon, but we would not advise that.

Little do you know, science is all around us and there is a bunch of science in sex (which is also slightly comforting, right?): lubricants are a whole thing for themselves.

What are water-based lubricants and do you need them?

Lubricants are certain liquids or gels that make penetration more comfortable but also help those who can’t get their body juices flowing in regular masturbation and oral sex. You shouldn’t feel ashamed if you feel like you need lube: many things happen, and therefore you need help.

Shy people, old people, people who have trouble getting horny and those who have health issues often need lube.

Lubricants are divided into different sections: silicone-based lubes, oil-based lubes and water-based lubes. Silicone lubricants usually give a nice, slippery feeling and they’re better when it comes to texture, but you can’t use them with toys because they will ruin them.

Oil lubes also good because they are mostly natural and give you a natural feeling, but they can’t be used with condoms because oil dissolves latex. Water-based lubes are the best lubes.

They can be used with any toy and any sort of contraception which makes the whole process much easier. They often have the most simple ingredient list as well, which makes them perfect for those who usually have sensitive skin or various allergies.

If you feel like that may be an issue you’re often encountering, make sure that you do a patch test on your elbow. No sex is worth spending some time in the ER with swollen genitals.

Why are water-based lubricants for you?

We already mentioned a few things like they are safe to use with toys and condoms, they are simple when it comes to ingredients, but there are much more benefits to these.

Water-based lubricants can be washed off pretty easily. They won’t stain your sheets like oils and won’t become gooey as silicone lube does. They are usually the cheapest (amongst these three) as well.

If you are prone to vaginal infections and yeast infections, you should check out water-based lubricants that don’t contain glycerin. Glycerin can sometimes be a trigger for these types of issues, so avoid them if possible.

These also last longer.

What are the cons of these?

There are a few cons, we need to be honest. Number one, they cannot really be used in water. Obviously, water dissolves in water. Secondly, they can trigger the above-mentioned health issues if there is glycerin in the formula, but that’s easily fixable.

Silicone lubes do last longer so keep that in mind. However, you can always reapply the lubricant and since the price is lower than it usually would be for a silicone one, it comes down to the same thing.

Frequently asked questions

Since we want to make everything 100% clear for you, we have decided to answer some questions that have been bothering people all around the internet and may also be bothering you.

  1. Can I get hurt from using lubricants?

Well, lubricants themselves won’t do anything to you. They’re usually not in a bad mood. All jokes aside, it’s true: if you’re not allergic to any ingredient in them, you shouldn’t have any issues.

It’s always good to do a patch test, though, and then decide whether your skin will or won’t tolerate it. Most of the lubricants in web shops are actually pretty safe and some of them are even approved by the FDA.

  1. Are water lubricants good to use with glass and silicone toys?

Water lubricants are good to go with any toy. No worries about materials and mechanisms, nothing ever got hurt from the water. This counts for all sorts of birth control as well.

  1. Can water lubricants be a bit more „special“?

Well, of course, they have, you just need to find the right one. There are flavored ones, sweet ones, fruity ones, neutral ones. It all depends on what you prefer. There are a bunch of options, you just need to be patient and have time to search for them.

  1. Can water lubricants mess with my pH?

This is a really good question and we see why you’re asking that. When vagina’s pH gets messed up, you are increasing your chance to get an infection or a fungal issue. Water-based lubricants itself can both cause and not cause a switch in pH.

Actually, glycerin as an ingredient does that: as long as you avoid glycerin, you’re all good.

  1. Is water-based lube good enough for anal sex?

This is a question that cannot really be answered correctly: it all depends on personal preference. Some people find water-based lube to be more than enough moisture and some people need more. Try it and then decide is it your type of a thing or not.

  1. How to know if my water-based lubricant isn’t usable anymore?

Some of the water-based lubricants have no expiration dates and therefore you can use them for a really long period of time. Those that do have one are usually good to go up to the date, but depending on how you’re storing it (temperature being the biggest factor), it may „go bad“ earlier.

The worst thing that could happen is that it becomes thick and chunky, which is not something you want to experience, so watch out for that.

  1. How do I wash out lube from my toys and sheets?

This is one of the positive sides of water-based lubes: just a splash does the job. The toys can be washed with mild soap and the sheets can be washed just like you wash them usually — no additional rubbing and scrubbing.

Our favorite and best water-based lubricants:

Now that we’re done with the basic chit-chat, we’ll show you a few of our favorites and explain why we like them. Then you get to think a bit about your options and you can order your lube online!

Nothing better than getting something online and not having to walk to the store. You can spend that time on something smarter, you know? You can’t actually since your lube didn’t yet arrive.


  1. Passion Lubes, Natural Water-Based Lubricant, 34 fluid ounce

This is probably the most popular lube there is on Amazon. It has over 3000 reviews and many questions answered, which sounds pretty good, especially if you’re a bit skeptical about stuff.

This is a lubricant that comes in a pretty big packaging with a pump that makes the whole thing much easier to use. It contains no glycerin, which means that it’s safe for all of you girls and guys who are prone to any infections.

Also, no parabens and no petrochemicals. Sounds like a dream lube, right? It’s also compatible with all toys, doesn’t stain your sheets and is transparent, easily washes away. It’s shipped in a discreet box which doesn’t say what’s in there so you’re okay with your neighbors being a little bit nosey.



  1. Shibari Premium Personal Lubricant, Water Based Lube

Well, we actually fooled ourselves with thinking the previous one was the most popular one, this is. It’s #1 best selling Amazon lube and has over 4000 reviews with 80 answered questions: all of you science lovers, there ya go.

Best hypoallergenic lube, which means that you won’t have to worry about cleaning. It is non-staining and is made to be a bit thicker than the rest, which does mean that it lasts a little bit longer.

It has been certified by the FDA and 510k which should be more than enough for you to believe them when they say they use only premium quality ingredients.

It isn’t flavored, which many people love, and it comes in discreet packaging as well. Many reviewers said that this one is the best water lube amongst them all because it lasts the longest.


  1. 8oz, NO Parabens, NO Glycerin, NATURAL Personal Lubricant for Sensitive Skin

Well, that title is a mouthful, but we get it: this is an „organic” lubricant. All of you out there who may be living the healthy lifestyle and want to have some healthy sex (although all sex is healthy as long as you’re not spreading STDs), this one is for you.

It’s a product made, you guessed it, without parabens and glycerin which makes it perfect for those who have sensitive skin. It’s a condom-safe lubricant as well and can be used with all toys, as all water lubricants can.

The discreet label does not give it away and you won’t have to do any extra explaining to your mother or father when they decide to use your bathroom on Thanksgiving.

It’s also gluten-free, in case you swallow some… You know, healthy lifestyle? Jokes aside, some people have issues when gluten is absorbed into their skin if they have an allergy, so this is actually far more useful than just „ugh, I’m living that keto life“.


  1. Astroglide Liquid, Water Based Personal Lubricant, 5 oz

This one sounds like it is actually made for cars or spaceships, right? It does help your gear move around, though. Enough with the jokes, let’s get to the scientific stuff.

This is a lubricant that’s made to act like a body fluid because the formula is long-lasting and slick. It’s a pH balanced lubricant, which is, again, important to those who have issues with their genital areas (or just want to be extra cautious).

It’s a petroleum-free formula, which means that it can be used with toys and condoms. You will get it in discreet shipping so you don’t have to worry about your postman trying to join you in your bedroom… These things happen as well, you should check out the wild stuff people confess on Reddit.

The only bad thing about this one is the fact that it does contain glycerin and therefore may not be the thing to go for if you’re a bit sensitive or have a lot of skin allergies.

No expiration date: the formula lasts forever. But yeah, we’re hoping that you’ll use it up pretty quick.


  1. #LubeLife Water Based Watermelon Flavored Lubricant, 8 Ounce

If you’re looking for something a bit more spicey than the rest of the things on the list, we are suggesting you check this out. It’s a simple lubricant that tastes like watermelon: takes you right back to those chewing gums you used to buy when you were young. Not that you want to think about your childhood while using lube…

It has a very silky texture and, unlike others, this is a food-grade, sugar-free lube that does not become sticky or tacky. Both healthy and tasty!

It is edible, although we wouldn’t advise you to use it as frosting. This lube is compatible with condoms and toys, compatible with all of the things you may be using in bed.

Made out of natural ingredients, this lube will probably be a favorite for those who enjoy some oral sex. It doesn’t stain and you’ll see that it doesn’t become sticky or gummy, which is something you are looking for.


Lubricants are a great thing and they can sometimes keep your sex life alive when it seems to be fading. Water-based lubricants are perfect because they don’t interfere with toys, condoms, and sheets. They are easily washable, your healthiest, cheapest and most practical option.

You can check out the list, read the reviews and decide which lubricant is best for you. If you’re skeptic about the shipping, you can talk to the seller. Keep in mind that you should always do a patch test and check out if the thing is safe for you. Stay safe, folks, that’s the most important thing.