MyFreeCams Review – The Truth About America’s Live Webcam Portal

MyFreeCams Offer Overview

Portals with erotically imaginative content flood the Internet, which sometimes makes selection difficult. Our information on the currently top-rated adult webcam MyFreeCams website is intended to ease a decision and show interested women and men the advantages.

MyFreeCams – The Concept With Lots of Sex Potential

The company’s strategy is straightforward. The goal is to make the customers extremely satisfied with the erotic content of cam girls. With the help of a small “Tour” button through the website, even newcomers can get an initial overview of the offer and any costs that may arise. With the first click on the site, you can see what you can expect. Many women appear in chat pop-ups, and you can click on them directly. If you like what you see, you can do a free registration to continue.

After logging for the first time, you can take advantage of all the benefits. By the way, you can use the portal in many ways. You might think it is only for men, but that’s not quite so. The offer is unisex accessible. Love, sex, and tenderness for all tastes and for all who feel like it. Homepage Homepage

MyFreeCams Offer

If you take a closer look at the functions and possibilities on MyFreeCams, there is a lot to discover.

  • You can create your profile and share pictures. Here, personal interests can be communicated, and communication with other profiles is possible. An exchange is preferable!
  • Share and use your webcam. Everyone decides who has access to the sex cam and who does not. Highest privacy is possible here, and there are no extra costs.
  • When you create your profile, promote it. You practically have your small website on the MyFreeCams. The email exchange takes place thanks to an own contact address of the provider. Of course, users decide for themselves who they want to contact or not.

Unique features are the possibilities of the “The Lounge” area. Sounds mysterious and you’ll need to discover all its features. Only premium members are allowed to enter this area. According to the MyFreeCams, this is one of the most popular places to communicate with live models through unique additional features. Erotic exchange in real time. By the way, the storage space for all sent and received emails is enormous, and you can retrieve it at any time. Private shows of ambitious models can also be called up via video on someone.

Most Popular Video Chat Rooms
Most Popular Video Chat Rooms

So if you don’t prefer it live, you can get back on similar movies from real women. These movies do not cost any extra as a premium member. The private gallery is available for this group of people and offers randomly selected suggestions to women who would be available for chat. The longer you are a member, the more hot suggestions you get.

Using the Search Function Correctly

There are many ways to find a suitable live video chat. For example, you can search for known usernames, or for topics of the chats. In a search bar, you can also start a search according to your sexual and erotic preferences.

Model Explorer
Model Explorer

The Prices at Erotic Portal MyFreeCams

In the event of requiring payment, your credit card will be charged discreetly. An invoice overview helps to keep the finances under control. A good thing to not to lose sight of the money. It is called tokens by the way. A kind of „play“ money for this sexy community. An overview shows how many tokens you have. These special funds can be purchased directly as different packages and debited from your credit card.

Token PackagesPrices
900 Tokens
$74.99 - Free Upgrade to Premium Status!
550 Tokens$49.99 - Free Upgrade to Premium Status!
200 Tokens$19.99 - Free Upgrade to Premium Status!

It is not a rip-off, but slightly transparent investment money that you can and must have to experience the full potential of the portal. With the first token purchase, you become a premium user as long as you wish to be a MyFreeCams member. Upon purchase, you remain a premium member for life with no future charges or additional fees!

By the way, to look around a bit and to look at the individual models you don’t need any financial commitment at all, which speaks for the site. With the tokens, you can, of course, see much more and fulfill all your sexual wishes. For example, for:

  • Some tokens that the model sets, you can see certain things. You can see and communicate such things in chat.
  • 300 token a private show with 5 minutes of the girl of choice and the offer to different women is vast and satisfies every taste.

If you share the show with others, you can save money. You only allow the model to earn more money through other viewers. By the way, a group show costs only 50 tokens instead of 300, so you can save money by watching as a “spy” or “voyeur” together with many others. If you never want to do this, you can access your privacy settings and click on “true private“ option. Then such events are always kept to yourself, and “spying” function is off. That decision you can, of course, change at any time.

Personal Options
Personal Options

Similar to real strip clubs, users can give tips. A friendly extra for all models, which they thank at their discretion. However, this is not a “must” for the girls. If you want to make the tip anonymous, you can. If you like to stand out, you can show everyone how generous you’re. This function can also be a lot of fun.

How to Use the Offers of Individual Models?

Separate functions help users to find its way around. To keep track of desired cam model, members can create a list. The “Model You May Like” button is used to get direct references to models you may like. Just click if you like it or not. Personal preferences are gladly taken into consideration by the provider and filtered accordingly. Since the choice of chats is extensive, this is a great help.

Models You May Like
Models You May Like

Premium members can even set up their chat rooms with the help of their webcam, just like models. Then you can decide who has the invitation or not. The “Member Rooms” section shows a member where he is most desired. With the button “Start My Webcam” premium users can be online in no time. Of course, every newcomer should take a look at the guidelines in order not to violate the rules of the MyFreeCams portal.

Member Rooms
Member Rooms

What are Reward Points?

For every ten tokens purchased, members receive a reward point. The more bonus points you accumulate, the more the features of your account improve. For example, users with many bonus points get faster support from the customer center. But, the support should treat all members equally.

The models can also check the balance of your bonus points unless you hide them with the help of the privacy settings. It may be that the cam girls prefer members with a high score because they think they can get more tips. Here, too, the system is very similar to real life. Fortunately, the points never get lost, and they do not expire. Interesting is that you can transfer points to other users. Maybe it’s an excellent way to give new buddies a nice present.

Become a Model on MyFreeCams

Anyone who abides by the general terms and conditions can become a model here and earn their own money. Of course, a certain attractiveness and the ability to flirt on the camera is an advantage. The better you know how to deal with virtual viewers, the more tips you will get.

As a potential model, you only need a device with a working webcam preferably in HD or full HD resolution. The different webcams are differently good in the cam transmission. Therefore a model should decide on a suitable webcam device. After all, a high resolution, preferably up to 1080p, is the win-win for viewers and therefore for income.

Become a Model on MyFreeCams
Become a Model on MyFreeCams

How you present yourself is up to each model. You don’t have to show yourself entirely or undress completely. Every lady is her boss and decides for herself what she wants. The operators only require an age between 18 and 45 years.

The models are the basis for the business, so they don’t have to pay anything. They get money according to their earnings. How much time models invest online is up to them. As everywhere, the more you work, the more you will earn. The site states that some models make over $45,000 a month. What is realistic, you will find soon. After all, the business idea only works if the webcam provider is serious and ambitious and the model is willing to show off. You are not an employee but work independently.


A description of the website and use instructions you can find in great detail, but only in English. The functions are well explained, and you can go even further with them. Technical information is also there, and information about the payment system.

Conclusion About MyFreeCams

A versatile MyFreeCams homepage provides a suitable satisfaction for every need and offers all nationalities of cam models. The site offers sexy and horny cam girls who are very likely to show up. Premium users, those who have already bought tokens, always have access everywhere. Newcomers can click their way through here and explore the possibilities for themselves. Also, the handling of the tokens is easy to understand.


  1. I had great experience on myfreecams. although i see people are complaining about it. From my end myfreecams are one of the best cams providers in US and really like to use their services. Btw, good job Sensexion. I like your reviews! Hope there will be discounts soon.


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