CAM4 Review – HD Streams and Live VR Porn Shows for a Dime

If you want to watch live shows and camgirls, is the place for you. The portal itself advertise live sex cams. And that is what you can find on the portal at first glance. Many live cams, many amateurs, and unbelievably revealing entertainment. The user could feel like a king with this porn portal and can look forward to attractive amateurs, which show up in many ways. The amateur porn portal offers some interesting functions for the users. For example, prospective members have the opportunity to test many functions without even logging in.

CAM4 Homepage
CAM4 Homepage
  • Virtual Reality Offers (VR)
  • Real Amateurs
  • More than 1000 Live Cams
  • No telephone support

The Registration at Cam4

Registration on the portal is free of charge, as well as some functions and website areas. Customers who would like to have a look around can do so through the free access. Men and couples can visit the portal. If you want to register, you can do so in a few minutes. Registration usually takes no more than 2-3 minutes. You need an e-mail address, and of course, a password and the registration can take place quickly.

  • Registration free of charge
  • Registration with little data
  • Various price models
  • Age verification for content over 18 is must

Create a Profile at

Of course, you can only create the profile after you have logged in. Once you create the profile, you can get started. The profile you can fill with personal information. It is highly recommendable that the more likable the user appears, the faster he will be admitted to private conversations and shows. Therefore, the username and the variety of information should be correspondingly extensive and well chosen.

Payment Methods at CAM4

The payment methods at are quite extraordinary. In addition to the popular payment options, many online payment services are also available. Credit card payment, instant bank transfer, and simple payment by mobile phone are possible as well. However, the fee is inevitable when a chargeable service is imminent.

Payment Methods at CAM4
Payment Methods at CAM4

Token as Means of Payment

The fee on the portal is not made via real cash but via the token. The token is an operational currency that many portals have already introduced. As a customer, you buy the tokens and use them to pay for the shows and programs. The amateur portal offers various packages.

The Content at Cam4 offers many functions. The offer is naturally tailored to men and among other things also to couples. offers its services for members who want to orientate themselves on a chat or a cam show. To have full access to the site, it is essential to register accordingly. Many areas of the amateur portal are free of charge, which gives you a first impression.

What You Can Expect

The company relies primarily on a clear structure. Customers find their way around the site very quickly. The community allows members and customers to watch live shows, use chats and arrange sex meetings. In this way, the company achieves a good diversity that customers like to use. Even if only a few pictures and videos are available, members seem to like to use the cams and the shows. In other portals, users love the live area, which is why has made these features as the main topic.

CAM4 Female Cams
CAM4 Female Cams


Cams, super shows, and sex meetings are probably the highlights of the CAM4 portal. They are the cornerstones of the company structure. Customers can use parts of these porn functions at any time free of charge, whereby the better shows are naturally categorized as paid service. At you’ll find only real amateurs.

Fan Club

The fan club you can find at the bottom of the amateur site. It shows the most popular amateurs. Numerous information and backgrounds you can see here. Fans can see the amateurs in a different light. The more hits an amateur girl has, the more popular she is.

CAM4 Fan Club Section
CAM4 Fan Club Section


The blog gives more information about the portal and the models. If you don’t feel like watching a show, you can find out more about the webcam girls. Here you can also see competitions of the actresses. A look can, therefore, be worthwhile. What else can you find on the portal? Besides the information about the actresses, every reader can learn more about his account. How can I protect my account? What is the best way to manage my account? These and other questions you can read in the blog.

VR Shows

Until today only very few portals offer the use of VR. is already one step further here and provides the VR use for live shows. With VR glasses from various manufacturers, including Oculus, the live sex shows can be even more realistic. Customers go directly to their amateur and have her live in front of their eyes. The VR usage is not free, but the app needed for the glasses is. The VR glasses are easy to use, which is, of course, advantageous for users.

The Shop

A shop appears as well in the “Explore” section of the porn portal. Here you can’t buy sex toys, but videos of the actresses, which are on the portal. A closer look quickly reveals that the selection is correspondingly extensive. Of course, it’s all about sex and eroticism and the actors show themselves in many ways.

Sex Cams at

As the motto of the site already suggests, the cam area is unusually extensive. The live cams can be found directly on the home page. When the sex cam become active, you’ll be able to see the actress. A little further down on the page you will also find the information of the actress, preferences, and information the amateur has released.

Get in Contact with Amateurs

Of course, there are various possibilities about how to get in contact with amateurs. These possibilities refer mainly to the transmission of the live cams and the chats. You can open the conversation window as soon as you call up the profile of the actress. The amateur inside can decide which customers she admits to the Chat and which not.

Buy Videos of Amateurs

The users can purchase the videos which you can find on the portal. In the shop, the videos made by the amateurs can be called up. The costs are variable, and the amateur girls set price. Here, too, payment is formed in the company’s currency.

Sex Meeting

This feature is also possible with But not with the amateurs on the portal. Because everyone who clicks on the link will proceed to an external page at the end, which makes sex meetings possible.

Super Shows

Now we come to the last point of the amateur porn site. The Super Shows are special live shows filled with the stars of the scene. The unique thing about this section is that the Super Shows are entirely free of charge. Every user can visit these super shows. There are between five and ten shows a day.

The Costs and Prices at

Registration is entirely free, as are many areas of the site. For some areas of the site, however, fees and expenses will still apply. However, these are very easy to overlook. Paid features include private chats with the actresses. These services you can purchase with the tokens. The more tokens you buy, the cheaper the packages will be which is a great feature. Of course, customers also have the option of using a membership. It offers some advantages.

Token PackagePrice
500 Tokens$84.95 - SAVE $15.00!
250 Tokens$44.95 - MOST POPULAR!
100 Tokens$18.99
50 Tokens

Gold Membership

Become a CAM4 Gold Member for $19.99 a Month
Become a CAM4 Gold Member for $19.99 a Month

The membership itself is entirely free at Various portal functions are free of charge, which, of course, you shouldn’t take for granted. Optionally there is the opportunity to get the gold status. This membership comes with a monthly fee. Each customer can use, besides the private messages, all other ranges of the portal. What exact benefits a Gold Member receives cannot be entirely deduced. However, the accesses are entirely free for all areas, which is, of course, a sensation for this price.

85 %
Registration and use
90 %
90 %
90 %
85 %


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