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Welcome to! You’ll soon notice we’re not your typical sex education blog , but we do like to keep things fully professional (while cracking a few jokes, naturally). Our wish is to create a place where everyone feels welcome to talk and read about sex toys, sex swings, sex health, sex education, lubricants, dating advice, and similar topics.

It’s 2019 and we’re fighting against these things being a taboo. It’s completely natural and normal for people to embark into adventurous things, and we want to help you stay safe during the experience. Although many think that sex is a „just do it and you’ll know it“ sort of a thing, knowledge is more than important and we want to help you find the facts you need.

Sex Toys

It's the 21st century and you no longer have to hide from your negative neighbor Nancy, who gives you a weird glance when your postman arrives. Get educated about materials, health concerns, preferences, prices, and options, and you'll surely be thankful for the new experiences. We're going to tell you a bit about the types of sex toys, which ones are best for certain pleasure spots, which one are a good investment and which are not. We're 100% real with our readers and that's our number one quality.


It's not just „something wet you need to get the thing going“. Did you know that some lubricants dissolve condoms and some can ruin your favorite sex toys? Yeah, you heard us. Get the education you need and stay safe. No one to hear about unexpected pregnancies and see their favorite $100 toy get ruined with a $10 lube. We'll teach you about the best price vs. quality ratio there is.

Dating tips

Yeah, sex is cool, but have you ever been in a supportive, non-toxic, long-term relationship? If you are in one, check the previous categories, and if you're not, we got your back. We'll offer you the best advice while staying as real as possible. Straight to the point is the best way to go and we intend on staying that way. We'll be addressing problems, strategies, and will be giving you a chance to ask us some questions as well.

Surrounding yourself with supportive people who don’t judge you (like the people visiting and writing on is important if you’re trying to maintain a healthy view on sex. It’s really not that hard (pun intended).

We’re here to help you leave an impact, share your experience and read about other people’s experiences. We accept you no matter what your gender, age or preference is, but we do not support illegal actions.

Although we speak about a lot of topics which include many things you have and have not heard about, we do consider ourselves „professionals” in some fields of sex and rabbit vibrator education.

You can agree with us on the fact that there are hundreds of sites that offer „premium memberships”, weird offers, tacky video chats and advice that says „we don’t know much about it, but just give us cash for this product, please”. We’re here to actually give you the science behind sex